Counting hours to Good Friday

Wondering why i’m counting down?

If you are thinking i’m going to church for celebration, mass or something…
Or going on a date (i wish)…

That’s not it.

I’ll spare you guys…

I’ll be away for the weekend, starting tomorrow morning till Sunday 🙂

Destination: Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia
Purpose: Fishing, slacking, water sports and scenery.
Cost of trip: S$170 – S$200 (3d2n stay, with ferry cost)

Yes, you did see fishing but on applicable during “kelong trips”.
It’ll be my first time there, so hopefully it’s all good and no gloomy weather.

Here’s a pic, off Google Images:

Actual pictures (from me) will be up, most likely on Sun.

Added (23rd March):
Got back pretty late, so photo uploads would be delayed :X
Anyway, photo above is exactly where i stayed. Heh.