Day 1: Tg Pinang Kelong Trip

Since my parents aren’t back yet, to nag at me…
Here’s the trip recap…

Day 1 – Good Friday

We arrived bright and early at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, to ‘report in’ and get thru custom.


After which, we spent 2hours on the ferry and an additional hour on the road, catching up on sleep since we had to be up at 5.30am, before arriving our destination (the Kelong).

First view of the place:


Within minutes of arriving, we were greeted with hearty and decent seafood lunch, before checking into our rooms. (Note: no pics on food, i was busy enjoying my food :P)

Room (double bed, simple layout with aircon):

I was pretty surprised to know they have air-cons installed, since it’s after all a kelong but they do have other rooms without it.
All the better i guess, definitely beat having to fight over a fan during the night.

After which, it was free and easy.
Meaning, the oldbies adults and fishing enthu proceed with their fishing.


The rest, explored and/or slept the afternoon away, till dinner time.

Again, i’ve no pics on dinner… 😛

After dinner…

They bought a few hundred dollars worth of fireworks and lit up the night, like Fourth of July or National Day… and it was dirt cheap, around 5 bucks for a 7-shot stick. I never knew fireworks can be so fun, but i think we probably scared all the villagers & fishes silly.

– day end –

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