Day 2 & Day 3 – Tg Pinang Kelong Trip

Day 2:

Due to an early night, I woke up bright and early.
At 5.30am to catch the sunrise and morning fresh air, while the others were still asleep or trying their lucky with the fishes.


After a simple breakfast (porridge & coffee), everyone went about doing their own and the rest of us kids, got on a speed boat sampan with engine made our way to a neighboring island, for swimming, suntanning and exploring 🙂

And i ended up suntanned and sunburn, like this (taken when i got back):

When we got back, settled lunch, insane amount of otah (grilled chilli fish paste) straight after lunch… it was ktv session all the way, disturb the eagle & squrriels till dinner time.



My parents, my cousin & his friends:

We packed and knocked out.

and then it was Day 3

It was quite a mad rush…

But there’s always time for more kelong pic 🙂


Breakfast, packing bags, lunch…

And we were off, to town for spa, massages & shopping 🙂
$30 for a full body scrub spa, quite worth it.

Clothes and tibits were going rather cheap too, similar pricing to Bangkok but quality isn’t as good as BKK.

After which, a quick dinner at a night market area:


Lastly, we boarded the ferry and headed back to Singapore.


It was a pretty good trip, getting to rest and relax, mix and chat with people…
And mom wasn’t that naggy and irritating, during the trip.

I would definitely plan another trip there, with a better camera & more friends.
Anyone who’d like to go there for some R&R, let me know 🙂