Ouch. Painful gums.


And aching gums…

Guess it’s time to extract my wisdom teeth.
It has been more than 6 months, since my sweet lady dentist warned reminded me that it’s getting worse and surgery is needed.

Then i wouldn’t be able to eat for 1 week 🙁

Frog Legs, Ben & Jerry ice-cream.

Me = whiny cat

4 thoughts on “Ouch. Painful gums.

  1. I didn’t know I was on your reads 🙂

    In anycase, best to do treatment ASAP.

    My case escalated to a very bad extent till my gums were bleeding and got infected. The pain at that time was so bad that it instantly woke me up from my sleep. When my wisdom tooth was extracted, there was a layer of my gums stuck on it, so you can imagine the complications.

    Actually you can eat after 4 days, but its uncomfortable nonetheless.

    Darran’s last blog post..Tooth Crowning Operation Beckons

  2. @ darran:

    heh, making it easier for me to click and read 🙂

    btw, thanks for sharing… it must have been really bad but glad you got it out before more complications set in.

    i guess i should go soon, probably need a friend to drag me there and remind me why i’m there. *sigh*
    in a good way, i get to diet and slim down, lol.

    no more chubby xinyun!

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