WP 2.5 – Blank Admin Panel Problem / Solution

Wondering why your site is ‘missing’ after your wordpress upgrade?
If you are getting a blank admin panel, after upgrading from WP 2.3 version, like me…

Try following these steps:
– back up your current wp files first (you wouldn’t wanna lose all your posts)
– deactivate all your plugins (stressed by daphne)
– delete your wp-includes & wp-admin folder, thru FTP
– unzip, upload & install / upgrade to the latest WP 2.5
– refresh site/page

WordPress did indicated that you need to delete your old folders:

Step 1: Replace WordPress files

1. Get the latest WordPress. Either download and extract it to your computer or download it directly to the server.
2. Delete your old wp-includes and wp-admin directories.
3. Copy the new files to your server, overwriting old files in the root. You may use FTP or shell commands to do so.

Tested on this blog and it works.
You could either take my word for it and try it.

I was silly enough, to not follow the step by step instruction.
I did my upgrade without backing my files and scared myself silly :X

Even if all else fails, you still have your backup.

Solves only direct ftp upgrading problems.
If yours happened to be database / install php problem, like hendri‘s, do head over to WordPress Support forum.

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