Movie: The Bucket List (2008)

After much hype (in my company) over this movie, i caught it last night with my kor, Xizor2000.

I laughed, cried and thought about what i’ve achieved and would like to achieve… after the show.

Plot wise, in short:

It’s about two terminally ill men, fulfilling their ‘what i want to achieve or do’ or ‘before i kick the bucket’ list, finding joy in life and eventually leave without regrets.

It’s predictable (story wise), funny (the lame jokes) and touching (loads of self-exploring, self-actualizing scenes) show.

If you wanna know the whole story, before watching it, you can find it here – Wikipedia.

Rating wise:
– 3.5/5 stars.

No doubt the acting was great (after all, J.Nicholson & M.Freeman are considered A listers) but the story was overly predictable. But i still enjoyed it, as it hits you hard with life issues and make me realize, we just don’t have that many 45 years to waste it all away.