Family Time over D&D

I could have drag my sorry ass out and meet up with the birthday boy, Boonie & the gang (Nicky, Marky & Freddy) at 7pm but instead I’ll be spending time and having dinner with my parents.

And in case you are wondering…
D&D stands for Dine & Drink, at least in context (although i’m not sure if that’s how most would use that word).

Reason why i’m not going:
Medicines & Wine don’t mix…

Still don’t get it?
Ok, i’m down with flu and allergy again.
And since i’m on meds, i can’t take wine as much as i would love to get drunk and witness Marky getting ‘molested’, it’s just not advisable.


My dear friends, Daphne & Fox, called to ask me out for dinner, as well.
I can’t go too, sorry dearies πŸ™

In the end, i settled with a “lao ka” dinner date with my parents.
Meaning – “lao ka” means downstairs in dialect, I’ll be meeting them at the coffee shop downstairs.

Which isn’t that bad, since it’s been 2 weeks since i have a proper meal with them, time to spend some quality time even though most of the time, mom & i gets on each others’ nerves πŸ™‚


Aside to the Birthday boy & gang:

Happy Birthday Old Man & Sorry, Boonie!!!
Please don’t threaten to torture me, by disturbing me every morning at work on msn and making me laugh till my colleagues start wondering if i’m watching something that’s NSFW πŸ˜›

Ok, i’m pulling your legs.
But now that i’ve wrote it out, i wouldn’t be surprise if he does send me something NSFW…

And to Nicky, Marky & Freddy…
I’ll see you guys, have a good time drinking! πŸ™‚