Drink Driving – A Wake Up Call

After years of “Don’t Drive & Drive” adverts, done by our dear traffic police…
It never once occurred that the potential risk of fatal accidents could have change or ruin my life or someone close to me.

Until recently.

A close friend got into an accident…
He did made sure he waited hours till the alcohol effect went off but somehow something just happened.

Thankfully, all he got were some bruises and minor cuts but the car seemed rather banged up.

I didn’t know what happened till he called me out one evening for a chat. In my mind, it never strike me to chide him for what happened, more like i was simply grateful he’s alright and needed to chat.

The whole incident, from getting caught to waiting for verdict, has been one hell of a mental torture for him, as he has been blaming himself non-stop for what happened.

What happened had been his wake up call and mine.

To face up to your mistakes and move on with life.
To me, to realize i’m always that close to losing someone close.

From what i gathered through our conversation:

Once caught, you’d be put thru:
– a breath test and/or blood test
– be put into a holding / detention cell
– wait for blood test result
– if you fail blood test, you are charged for drink driving
– wait for verdict (e.g a fine, points deducted, license suspended or jail)

I felt as though i was part of the whole incident.

The risk of drunk driving has always been there.
The guilt of getting into trouble, making people who care worries and feeling that you have disappointed those who looked up to you.

Not forgetting the lifetime guilt, if ever one would have accidentally killed someone during drink driving. The victims’ families you’d have to face, answer to and seek forgiveness from.

And even if you aren’t the type to feel guilty…
Think about the humiliation, if word got out that you were CAUGHT drink driving and accidental death CAUSED by you.

Don’t ever think it would never happen to you or someone close.
It can and it will.

Don’t live to regret or cause unnecessary pain to others.
If you wanna drink, don’t drive, get on a cab or have a friend (who’s sober) send you back.

Written with permission from him and hopefully a reminder to all.

3 thoughts on “Drink Driving – A Wake Up Call

  1. I’m so glad your friend is all right, AND still around to regret and reflect on what happened. Yes, it’s very traumatic and it’s human nature to always think “it won’t happen to me” till it DOES happen.

    I hope people who read this entry will truly take heed…

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