Explanation for “Is it enough? Are you satisfy?” post

It seems that my post, Is it enough? Are you satisfy?, which meant to be my rant post, have raised some questions and queries. And while i re-read it, it did occurred that it might be rather misleading and confusing.

To all concerned souls…
Here’s my explanation:

I based it on the current situation i’m in, which is based on an agreement, when someone better comes along, for him or me, we would give our blessings to each other and allow each other to leave, in search of our own happiness.


Because we both feel we can’t provide one another with the happiness we are looking for, after dating for quite some time and therefore haven’t been able to ‘upgrade’ to couple status. But we are hanging out still for companionship, someone to go to the mall with and have dinner with.

Yes, we are wierd and lonely people.

Are we in love?

Do we love one another?
As a friend and someone we care for.

Strange, yeah.
Flawed, hell yeah.

It’s a strange agreement, i agree.
And that’s why i’m trying to clear things up / sort my life out.

As i wouldn’t want to be the one hindering his chance for true love.

And as for what i meant in “jump ship”, it means to drop this companionship fully and truly start fresh with a new relationship. If you thought i meant re-bounce or dragging someone new into this pile of mess, i hope this explains and clear things up for you.

Thanks Kenny, Fox and Tianhong, for raising the questions 🙂
If there’s anything else to ask, just drop me a comment.

4 thoughts on “Explanation for “Is it enough? Are you satisfy?” post

  1. There is a saying, “the best is yet to be”
    Things just get better, so.. it’s kinda endless.

    I think end of the day, one may not be living with the one he/she deeply loves. Look at some couples, they are married happily but not the love deep deep type. How long can deep love last?

    chillycraps’s last blog post..internship opportunity

  2. @ cc:

    true, you have your point.

    the kind of love that we (my friend and i) are looking for, is definitely more on “i wanna have kids with you and work on our future” instead of passion type.

    like what my online friend, sherx and church friends, jialing and rich have 🙂

    but of course, there are good life examples of couples who went thru arranged marriage and still find true love and respect thru those years.

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