Is this enough? Are you satisfy?

After an hour long conversation cum argument with goldfish…
A few questions came to mind…

Are you satisfy with what you have, in relationship?

Barely satisfy?
Extremely satisfy?

What if someone better comes along, who could satisfy all your wants and needs (think clean, it wasn’t on anything sexual, mind you), would you jump ship if you are still choosing and yet to be married, in God’s name?

I’m somewhat satisfied and happy with what i have.
But how happy, i would say… barely.

Barely touching the HAPPY zone.

I could go on and on about who, how when, where and why over and over again…
But to make it short, it has truly been a while since i dare say, I’ve nothing else i want, be it things money can buy or emotion needs.

And if someone better comes along, yes i would probably jump ship if that person could make me feel that i love him enough to give up my comfort zone.

Perhaps it seem selfish and self-centered of me, if i’m seeing anyone exclusively.

But i would rather be selfish and self-centered now, then to be joined in holy matrimony, give it all up for a fling or affair and eventually end up boosting the divorce ratio in Singapore.

Finding someone who makes me feel complete, happy and truly satisfied.
I’m not asking too much, am i?

Especially when I’m not trying to get on the express train to marriage.
It’s more of a topic i use to test and scare people away.

Think about it, ask yourself…

Is this enough?
Does that special someone make you feel happy and would your love for him/her be able to make you guys last, till you end up side-by-side on rocking chairs with grandchildren running around you two?

If it is, good for you and i envy you ๐Ÿ™‚
If it isn’t, work things out, come to a compromise or solution…

As for me…
I’ll work on sorting my life out.

8 thoughts on “Is this enough? Are you satisfy?

  1. @ Kenny:

    True, one can never be entirely sure and the grass may never been greener on the other side, especially for relationship.

    But as most who found what they are looking for, it’s a feeling when you look at the other person and know he/she is the right one. Perhaps not at first sight, unless God is showing you that person is what you are seeking.

    I know it sounds extremely clichรฉ but that’s really how it works, after seeing and hearing about my close friends r/s till i witness their marriage.

  2. I agree with kenny. u wont know the person if u’re with him/her. i do not agree with your “jump ship” philosophy. Because why must you jump ship becos u see a better person? There’s lots of better people around right?

    In order words, if you’re not happy with ur current one why are you with him? What’s the reason behind?

    You will also bring your problem to the person you jump ship to. Is it fair to him?

    Imagine all the mess and havoc u will create? If the one u ditch is sensible enough to let you go, den it’s good. But what if it’s not?

    What if you suddenly realised u love the one u ditch more than the one u jump ship to?

    Just providing a perspective from my experience.

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  3. @ Tianhong:

    Thanks for raising up questions like Kenny.

    I understand where you are coming from and i don’t deny my logic is pretty flawed and self-centered.

    Let me explain, i need to rephrase “jump ship”, as i meant it in “to end this r/s and start a new one” and not a re-bounce. And probably what i wrote came out a tad misleading.

    I based this on the situation i’m in, since i’m not dating anyone exclusively and have come to an understanding with the guy i date, if someone who seems more suitable comes along for either of us, i would give him my blessing and he would give me his.

    Perhaps to us, we just want each other to be happy. The kinda happy we somehow know we can’t provide for each other and perhaps that’s why we are still unable to get into the r/s level.

    If i based on my situation, i love that person more as a friend than someone i’d spend my life with. So to me, it would me better for us to seek new partners or “jump ship” in this sense.

    Not what you thought, as in a re-bounce or bringing someone else into the whole problem.

    I hope this clear things up ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey.. from my personal experience… you’ll never know if the one you have is going to be the one. There will always seem to be better choices out there.
    I’ve been through enough (>10) heartbreaks and broken enough to realise all these.
    But what made me so sure that this is the man I want to marry? Well.. Love is important. Then is the level of comfort. And guess what I would never say this with any other bf but I want to see how our babies look like. That’s the best reason.
    Pardon my old hag nagging. Trust me, True Love does exist. And the length of the relationship can never been a good gauge for marriage. I’ve been through one 7-year relationship but never for a moment I wanted to marry that man. But when I met my fiance, I wanted to marry him three months into our relationship! Strange hur? This thing called Love….

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  5. @ Tianhong:

    Heh, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll look before i “jump”, haha!

    @ Sherx:

    Ah, true true ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your r/s with your fiance, is what i would like to have… And yes, that’s love and i know you can’t imagine life without him ๐Ÿ™‚

    And no worries, you aren’t nagging, dearie… appreciate your concern! ๐Ÿ™‚

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