Movie: Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Watched this (Definitely, Maybe) over the weekend with goldfish, as he was hoping to watch it before his exams.

Plot (quoted from Wikipedia):
Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is a 30-something father who is in a midst of a divorce. His 10 year old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) lives with her mother but is with him once or twice a week. On one of these occasions she questions him about his life before marriage. After her first sex-ed class Maya wants to know everything about how her parents met and decided to get married. In an attempt to “PG” his story, Will changes the names and some facts. In doing so, he creates a love mystery so Maya has to guess which of three women is the one he finally married. The story he tells Maya is depicted in long flashbacks. From time to time the film switches back to the present, where Maya comments and asks questions.

If you wanna know the exact story / spoilers for the entire show, check it out at Wikipedia

Since the story could be found on Wiki, i don’t have to go into details.
I love it when Maya tried guessing who’s her mother, from the story Will (her dad) was telling her and when they make fun of GWB.

Fav quotes:

You and me, it’d kinda be like cats and dogs.

Oil and water.

Sand paper and bare ass.

That’s gross.

Definitely a show i could relate to and certainly enjoyed.

Overall: 4/5

It makes one feel, it’s never too late to be with someone you love, you just need to make an effort and tell them how you feel.