McGriddles & Me

After much hype in the office over the new McDonald breakfast burger, McGriddles, i made my way down to McD near Odeon Towers, while it started to rain heavily unpredictably.

Soggy and overpowering sweet folds, can’t seem to taste the sausage patty.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the heavily rain and 10min on the bus, that resulted an overly soggy burger… but it’s possible i guess.

That burger…

Not exactly my cup of tea, i guess.
But my colleague, Elise, quite like the taste and soggy folds.

But it’s a breakfast burger i wouldn’t mind having once in 3 months, just that it’s a tad overly sweet to have it everyday. I still prefer Subway Cold Cut Trio 😀

Anyway, back to watch my colleagues eat and go ga-ga over the burger… they ordered 5 sets, all thanks to McD’s publicity.

Their verdict:
– Not bad, quite nice (Elise)
– If they could just give a separate maple syrup box and use back sausage mcmuffin fold (Jen)
– mmmhmmmm (the rest were still eating)


S$5.80 for a extra value meal

6 thoughts on “McGriddles & Me

  1. Those ARE soggy. Soft and soggy. And yes, they are overpoweringly sweet.

    Pancakes and sausage do go well together, but not pancakes soaked overnight in maple syrup… (that’s how those McGriddles taste like, anyway).

    Give me my Mcmuffins anytime >>

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