Thoughts: Name Calling / Teasing…

I was discussing with Xizor kor, after receiving a picture file, of a kid named Batman…

It did seemed hilarious at first, wondering if it’s a photo-shop edited picture and it hit me that he’d have to grow up being teased. (note: i’m not gonna send or upload the pic)

And it got me thinking…

Most of us would probably have been through the name calling / teasing phrase, giving others wierd names or getting teased and some used to hate our parents for giving us names like that.

For my case, i used to dread being named “Sue”, no thanks to my aunt.

In primary school, all thanks to my christian name, i got teased so badly by the kids i study with, all the name calling / teasing and stuff, eg. teh susu (milk tea in mandarin) and others.

But of course i did retaliated in some ways, snapping at people, giving them the evil eye or attempting to throw a chair over.

Thank God, it somehow ended during secondary school days and of course i eventually learnt to accept and live with it.

Now that i think back, those kind of teasing ain’t that bad. Probably part of learning, to put up with shitty stuff in life, to ignore those who had too much time in their hands.

But parents do play an important part in this name calling / teasing issues, when they name their kids randomly without thinking, e.g. being named ESPN, 4Real, Candy Bar…

There’s something seriously wrong with them, for thinking it’s unique, creative, special or cute…

It’s like an April Fool joke that will haunt you till you are of legal age to change it. But then again, those who know you throughout your life, would never fail to remind you of your past.

So please, to all parents & parents to be…

As much as i understand the names are unique, creative, special or cute…

Kindly refrain from creating unnecessary grieve and pain to your kids, by giving them crazy names when you could jolly well just change your own and make yourself LOOK & SEEM special.

There’s no need to cause more name calling, teasing, grieve and pain to the kids when they’d grow up fast enough to get their fair share.

12 thoughts on “Thoughts: Name Calling / Teasing…

  1. I remember this kid, got the email.

    But its definitely the parent’s idea since his surname was suparman, it would have sound more normal if he had took a regular name.

    So what is the full name? Sue … Xin Yun?

    Please fill in the blank.

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  2. @ Darran:

    Yeap, with a surname like suparman, having a commonly used first name is better. They could have use batman as a nickname or middle name, like what the Thais do.

    My surname?
    edited: fox has gave everyone the answer 🙂

  3. Seriously very hard to name children nowadays.. between me and fiance we speak more than 4 languages and dialects. So a name is bound to sound funny in some language….
    So how? 😛

  4. @ sherx:

    true true, 4 diff. languages… now that’s difficult.
    probably both of you could think up of a few, try pronouncing in all languages, ask close family members and see if it sounds funny 🙂

    @ fox:

    hannar *wink*

  5. Sure beats trying to name your child Rocco or Lourdes (Madonna’s). Even Mario (which is common name in Croatia) is funny because of Super Mario Brothers.

    I wanted to give my child a French name but I imagine all the protests from my in laws! Hahaha.. I have to give a chinese name so my child will always remember his/her roots.

    Whatever… a common name is all right. I don’t have to spend nights digging through name books to find a unique name like my cousins did. Well.. come to think of it, all the famous and successful people have common names like John, Tom, Robert or Albert.

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  6. @ sherx:

    Yeap, any common name beats being called Rocco or Lourdes 🙂
    Perhaps you could change the spelling of the name, like my god-daughter, her name is kyrene (sounds like karene)

  7. That’s what I noticed about a lot of Singaporean names nowadays! Different spellings but still the same name. No no.. I rather stick to the common ones.
    Personally I like Eleanor (with french accents)!!
    Even my own name is common! Hahahah…

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