Lovely time with my darlings…

Been out for 12hours but it was a hell of fun time and i sure hoped it didn’t end so quickly.
Met up with my lovables darlings, Rin, Arch, Antz, Darren and Eric…

I surprised them, by wearing a denim skirt and heels…
Something they hadn’t imagine i’d do.

And we, surprised Antz with lilies…
As he somewhat ‘dared’ me on Monday’s dinner, to buy him lilies and wear a skirt (for the record, i didn’t wear the skirt because of the dare)…

The look on his face, was hilarious.
And the look on his face, when we told him he’s holding those LILIES for the entire day, simply PRICELESS!!!

If you were at Raffles City, during 2pm – 3pm, you would probably have seen him walking around with it 😛

As for lunch, it was at Shokubu, a restaurant which is similar to Marché in concept, food wise – slightly above average…

We ordered a range, from jap curry, omu omelette, sashimi to hot pots… *drooling and feeling hungry, didn’t have dinner* In total, for 6 people with tons of food, it cost about S$150, pretty decent i would say, esp. when Eric alone ate like S$50 worth of food (Eric = big eater).

Didn’t manage to get much decent food shots, as we were dead hungry at 2.30pm, after waiting for everyone to arrive from 1.30pm.

Well, we ate and chatted till about 4pm, before heading over to Esplanade aka the Durian-like structure… we stayed a tad longer at the tatami place, as the guys (only the guys) were going all ga-ga over the tatamis and wondering if there are shurikens hidden under the tatamis.

Note: that’s when you know someone has been watching too much ninja animes, eg. Naruto / Bleach…

After much delay, we camped at Earshots cafe, a nice chill out place with books on sale and so-so coffees, for yet another round of chit-chatting… topics ranged from SAF aka army, school, marriage and women charter.

Please don’t ask why we talk about marriage and women charter, it’s just plain outta the blues but it was an interesting debate on that piece of paper, problems and social effects.

And thanks to Rin, for treating us to coffee =)

After which, me and the boys (Arch, Antz & Eric), headed over to Chinatown Partyworld for some killing-chicken time (a phrase we used rather often when we feel we aren’t exactly good singers). Seriously, going to ktv with these 3 guys (or boys) made me laughed till my sides hurt and thankfully i wasn’t that ticklish enough to get tickled by Antz.

But Antz is… *evil grinz*

We sang till our hearts content and left slightly earlier, as we have a ‘Cinderella’ in the group…
Not me, that’s for sure… but i wouldn’t tell you who it is, heh.

To all my lovables:
Thanks babes, with you guys, i have a hell of a time!
It will be great to meet up more often!

Love you all, XOXOXO!