Thoughts: Naggiest Friend Award (in a good way)

It’s always good, to have good friends nagging at you…
Especially during major work depression and relationship issues…

And i thank my regular panel of lovable naggy friends, for their love and care and unlimited nagging, to keep me going and going (think Duracell Bunny commercial).

Now to present the Naggiest Friend of 2008 award:

*Drum roll*

And it goes to…

Freddy a.k.a ‘Auntie Naggy Freddy’!

*Evil Grin*

He has surpassed Nicky, my unwilling naggy counselor, by nagging at me on MSN every other day, trying to hit some sense and logic in me, and making me laugh, like Nicky used to. They are by far, the 2 naggiest guys i’ve ever known… i hope i don’t need more 🙂

Freddy, before you kill me with a tequila bottle headshot…
Thanks for listening, even though i don’t make much sense when i’m depressed and upset. Appreciate what you and Nicky have been doing.

Just one thing…
Please don’t ever do match-making, you guys suck at it 😛

Ok, now you can kill me.

By the way…
Freddy and Nicky nags ONLY at me because they hate seeing me constantly emo and depressive (very strange for a pink bunny / cat). Usually they are not naggy (really, not at all, just that i made them that way), so for those who would like to know Freddy (He’s single), please drop me a message and i’ll let him know 🙂

Nicky is happily attached and very busy with his lovely girlfriend (*grin* just teasing), thus hand over the nagging duties to Freddy. After all these nagging, Freddy will meet his dream girl soon and hand over the duties to someone else 🙂 still continue his nagging, as my boyfriend 😛

If you wanna read the protected post below, just drop me a message.
It’s not a touchy / political post or anything, just emo thoughts on a specific person.

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  1. Erm…I was thinking whether to ask u for the password, but thought it might be too personal for me to read. So….if you are comfortable, can I have the password? 🙂

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