9 thoughts on “A present, for self

  1. @ Darran:

    Hmmm i see.
    Now when i put in the videos, i simply make use of auto sync, let the ITunes program do its work 😛

    But overall, it’s decent stuff 😛

  2. once I searched for I pods and the price shocked me… how much does it cost in your country? Because here it is normal, that everything costs two times more than in another countries, but we have two or tree times lower earnings too…

  3. @ CK:

    hah, thanks 🙂
    i agree, it’s a little troublesome. esp. with the itunes store page.

    @ Susan:

    Hi there! it cost SGD$388 over here.
    From what i know, this is our standard local ipod pricing, based on the apple singapore website 🙂

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