Movie: Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

Over the weekend, before my surgery, my darling friends (Nicky, Freddy and Marky) dragged me out, to watch Forbidden Kingdom, at The Cathay.

Plot wise:
Since it can be found in Wikipedia, i’m not gonna copy & paste it.
Please head over to the page –> Click Here

My thoughts on the movie:
It seems like a mix of Lord of the Rings Trilogy and mystical story of Sun Wu Kong, especially with the ‘middle land / kingdom’ phrase and the ‘ring of fire’ scene. A mix of languages prove to be quite confusing and having a Caucasian in the film, that’s something strange. And I could never understand why Golden Sparrow has to say “she” when she’s referring to herself… But other than that, the fight scenes were good.

Well, at least the boys liked it…
Or should i say, were delighted with it, especially with Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei).

Marky & Nicky tried posing in stances, Praying Smoking Mantis & Flying Panda, after catching the movie and Kunfu Panda trailer:

Overall, i would rate it 3/5.
More points for the fighting scenes…
Worthy of a weekday ticket.