May Day Morning with Dad

A couple of days back, Dad ask me:
“Wanna go bowling with me on May Day? 9am to 12noon?”

I said:

But kinda forgotten about it, till he woke me up this morning and said it’s time to leave… *heh*
So i dragged my tired body away from comfy bed and headed down to CSC Tessensohn for early morning bowl.

(empty at 9am)

I sux big time at bowling, even though i used to follow Dad to Victor’s SuperBowl but i hardly play.
And it has been nearly 13years since i last bowled.

XY and all kinds of ball-type activities, don’t mix… excluding Billard.
(And please, don’t think dirty :P)

But thankfully, Dad is pretty good at it and became my bowling coach for the day.

(Dad playing)

From a 48point game to a 77point game…
I guess i did improve a LITTLE.

It’s kinda fun, spending time with Dad and having him, as my coach…
While trying to drown out the loud bowling ball dropping sound, by our ‘neighbour’, with my IPOD.

*Ball – PONG*
*Lane – OUCH*

Man, i feel the lane’s pain 😛


Well, i guess it’s a sport i don’t mind picking up.
Nothing beats quality time with Dad and a new sport 🙂