Lunch with Jeslene

Today happened to be the first time i met up with my blogging friend.

After months of reading up each other’s blog and being online friends, i got to meet up dear xiao mei, Jeslene and her sweet friend, for lunch.

She’s exactly what i imagine, after reading her blog for this long… Heh. Cute, friendly and funny.

And her friend, Kai Lin (if i remember correctly), reminds me of my secondary school friend, PeiJie. Sweet and innocent girl look.

Although i do feel kinda old when with them, since i’m 5 years older…

Had a lovely time, thanks Jes 🙂

-‘auntie’ xy sign off –

2 thoughts on “Lunch with Jeslene

  1. @ sherx:

    lol, okok… 😛
    sure thing, just let me known when you’ll be back!
    would definitely be interesting 😀

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