Truly Happy

After what it seems like…
Months of single-hood and depressive moods…

I can happily say…
I’m happy, elated and overwhelmed.

And i was glad that we caught Nick off-guard…
While meeting up with him and gang, for dinner and movie.

Nick’s thought of us:

“I relish in the thought that my mind can process a little faster than a blending machine when it comes to people getting together but this cuts the cake. cos one, its Freddy, and 2 its Sue. and when I mixed those 2 together, there was nothing in my cabinets boxed and shelfs on my head that can ready myself for this news. cos it was seriously unexpected, I was so lost in thoughts and words…” and more.

I’m seeing dear ‘Auntie’ Freddy.
Well I still call him that, for laughs.


I’m surprised and still having trouble believing.

How we got together?
I’ll talk about it another day.

Guess i should start marking 5th May as a special day.

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