Story: How we got together

7 days went by…
A new relationship…

And i’m still amazed, amazed by how it all happened and constantly asking myself, if it’s all real. As much as i believe in fairy tales and true love, i find it hard to believe that i’ve met someone who’d adore me as much as i adore him… needless to say, it’s hard to take it all in, when it’s smacked right in your face.

How i got to know Freddy and how we got together:
After 3 years of friendship with Nick and hearing much about Marky and Freddy…
I met them on 15th March, the same day which i wrote my “Closing a chapter” post.

Dear told me that he ‘woah-ed’ when he saw me, even though i was in tee + shorts and sat like a gangster. How that ‘woah-ed’ thing came about, i still have no idea. Didn’t seemed like love at first sight nor lust at first sight.

At that time, other than chatting and breathing in second hand smoke from these 3 industrial chimneys, my mind was practically on my crush and trip.

Days went by, when i got back from my trip, Marky & Freddy added me on msn and we chatted, bitched and nagged at me to do something on my crush. Nick and Freddy was extremely engrossed with match-making me and Marky, till i told them off but it does seem hilarious to them, to put two person with diff. characters together. (note: they are crazy)

Another week went by, we had a Singapore Flyer gathering, met a couple of new faces but still, nothing happened between Dear and me. It was only after the Sunday ECP outing with them and being stuck at home for a week, then we started to chat everyday online and smsing while flirting a little. (Frankly, i didn’t see it coming… although Rin, goldfish and Seanie did and told me.)

It was only till our movie date for Iron Man, then i realized i feel a little something towards Dear. But still i did nothing, ‘cos Nick sort of warned me, not to get too near Freddy. We chatted more over the weekend, until i asked if he would meet me for lunch after my stitches were removed. Instead of just saying yes, he offered to go with me…

We met, had my stitches removed, laughed and played all the way till he sent me home…
When he was about to leave, i turned to hug him and we kissed…

I still dunno what made me turned and hugged him, neither did he know what made he stopped and turned… But i guess someone up there had plans, for us.

This sums up how we met and got together.
In less than 2 months…
But i’m sure, it’s not a rebound.

Still too unbelievable for me…
Guess i’m not too used to being giggly happy πŸ™‚

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  1. @ rinaz:

    heee *hugs*

    @ daph:

    where got rou ma??? πŸ˜›
    no problem gal, thanks for shopping with me!

    *muackz daph and push freddy away*

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