Quick update – KKH & Ping Lim Jiu Outing

Before i doze off, just a quick update for today…

Met up with Krissy mommy at KKH, as my darling god-daughter had been admitted due to viral fever and seeing the number of kids in the same ward, with the same viral fever, it makes one wonder if it’s a new virus trend.

Met up with Ping.sg friends at Brewerks, for our very delayed lim jiu (drinking) outing…
People who were there – Uzyn, Sek Ling, Xizor, NTT, Daphne, Taitaitan, JuzzyWuzzy, Krisandro, Mlmastero, ChaosDingo, Uray, Wenderella & Keith, Claudia, Adamzhang, FoxTwo, Ridz84 & Loren, Hendribudi, Arzhou, Me with Antz & Genette.

That’s about 22 23 who turned up, at least for dinner, drinks and/or chats.

Ok, i shall update more when pics and more details are up.

Here are some posts on the gathering by:

Claudia (with videos)

Adam (with pics)



Arzhou (compiled list)



After much anticipation and delay, we finally decided to meet on 17th May for drinking session with 20+ attendees, double what Xizor kor had expected and it did turned out to be a success 🙂

With Daphne, as our organizer (made reservations and giving directions).

And all the cute, hamsum, pretty and funny pingsters…
Pics found here

Being a not super sociable person, i invited Antz & Genette along as they are close friends who seemed to mix better with new faces (100x better than i am). Thankfully they enjoyed themselves 😛

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