My Conversation With Mom

After a long day at work, the last thing would be an intensive conversation that would disrupt my sleep… and thankfully, mom wasn’t trying to start a conversation WW3 with me last night.

Instead, she was happily telling me about the cats under my block…

I think i just made friends with that cat with cow patterns (seriously, we don’t know how to name that cat). It didn’t growl or hit me with its paws like it did to you and it seemed rather friendly…

Me (Groggy and half awake):
Ok, I still believe that it dislikes me, especially after it has hit me with its paws.

Mom went on about the cats under my block, from that black cat to my fav. orange cat…
Until i changed to a slightly more serious topic, on friends taking and not giving.

Me (Slightly more awake):
What would you do if Aunt SH takes you for granted, calls you when she needs a listening ear or only ask you out when she’s bored? (I asked even though i know Aunt SH doesn’t do that)

Well, I’ll tell her straight about how i feel and let her think about her own actions

Me (Wondering):
But what if you feel that you don’t even feel like telling her and would rather just lose her as a friend?

I think you pretty much answered your own question and i know who that person is.


So I changed topic and let her asked stuff on Freddy before she went off to get her stuff done, leaving me to think about what i asked.

Perhaps having more important things and people to care about, making me realize such friends are worth losing for good. Thankfully the ones i need to lose are 1 out of 500.

Friend, I love it when you’re here but I’m better when you’re gone.