Recap: 23rd to 25th May

While waiting for reports to generate and preparing myself for mindless debit credit adjustments (something i dread most)…

Here’s a recap for the past weekend:

1) 23rd May

Dinner with Daph, Antz (not sure how he managed to eat while on the phone throughout dinner), JuzzyWuzzy and Arzhou at Thai Express, followed by dessert at Secret Receipe (Daph, Antz & Xizor) and late night Starbucks drinks (Daph & Xizor)…

Right after late night drinks, Glen picked me up and we wandered around North & North-East area, for supper (or dinner actually for him)… it’s funny how long we took, driving around the area for 1hr and still we didn’t managed to find Kovan. (Note: we didn’t check the Street Directory and only realized when we met up with Dear).

After an hour of wandering, we decided to pick up McD and headed over to Dear’s house, staying there till 3am, chatting and finding out more embarrassing things on Glen.

I’m soooo disappointed with you, being with someone for 3 days šŸ˜›

2) 24th May

Amazed myself by waking up at 8.30am (getting only 4hrs of sleep) and headed down to S’goon Mrt, accompanying him to work. I was bitten (by my duckie) and had an extremely interesting round mark on my arm… before heading back home with a new mobile line for sms-ing.

3) 25th May

Similar to 24th May, only with more sleep and no bites.
Studied for upcoming exam…

Anyway, if ever you guys spot a mark on my arm, you know who to blame šŸ˜›

Back to work… reports are done.