Buttz Back, Stupid Roaches, Thoughts.

Buttz, my fav. big guy + friend from my gaming days is back 🙂

And with him back, it’s definitely time to head out to Chomp Chomp and munch on all the sambal (spicy) stingrays, squids, kangkong (veg), satays and sugar cane juice… aka pig-out time.

Even though it was a last minute confirmed outing, Sean picked me up and we headed down to meet the rest (Buttz, Zion, Matt, Yazid). It’s strange, we hardly meet up on regular days unless Buttz is back in town, but i guess it’s due to him being the main conversationalist and star.

Close friend of ours, do msg me if you wanna meet up with Buttz.
He’s back for 6 months and craving for his favorite local food… 🙂

Note: having some problems uploading pic from n6300, esp. without a data cable (ie. missing cable)


On a side note, i feel like crap waking up at 5.50am…
Getting only 4hours of sleep.

No thanks to that stupid cockroach, who feels the need to walk around my room, flapping its wings or whatever you call it, making so much noise… So I smacked it and it fell somewhere behind the headrest.

Alternative use of an extremely thick fashion magazine –> smacking roaches


The tiny brain of this bunny + cat has been working too intensive lately.
Thank God i didn’t go into accountancy major or i’ll probably end up bursting into tears every other day.

My darling boss has been loading me with financial adjustments (which i dread most) and that irritating integrated system we are using, is still rather unstable after 6 months. Sigh…

Feels like a freaking slip shot job, that system.

I’ve got 2 days to hand over my work, do the test scenarios for system testing (lol, i feel like a scriptwriter again) before my study break and hopefully i would feel ready enough to attend the exam.

Work aside…

It’s tiring arguing with someone you love and who’s utterly stubborn about way things are done.
Literally drove me to tears in public, having to solve this issue and half wanting to walk out of everything.

But i guess it’ll be best to let time tell if each will do its part in changing and accommodating.

A good time to review, would be 6 months down the road.

Need coffee…