After Drinks Thoughts

In a way, i’m glad i’m not deliriously drunk or high in any way, for i was able to have a decent and uninterrupted chat with Arch, earlier at Harry’s… Which happened to be a nice place to chill, on a weekday evening with rather decent drinks.

Before drinking, i was with my dear mei, Jeslene and Kailin, having la mian at food street. Plotting how to disturb Auntie Freddy, hehe… Thanks babes! Hope you girls liked the food… 🙂

We chatted about mainly my life, over a rather small amount of drinks…
Especially when it only consist of 1 jug of screwdriver, 1 glass of tom collins, 2 shots of popsicles and voodoo, which really didn’t seem alot at all. But affected me rather badly, when i’m on medication.

Note to all – drinks and meds DON’T mix

It did seemed to be a rather interesting topic with my closest friends recently, especially having them know how things fell in place at the most impossible scenario and yet, still seem rather perfect to most people.

Makes one wonder if God is playing a perfect joke on me.


Life just seem so confusing and funny at the same time, when you are thinking back on comments given by others, who have been actively looking in, into your life… personal life, which i’m ok with. In such situations, you could clearly see who’s concern and who’s just in it to add oil or fire to the whole incident, which seriously amuse me in a sadistic kinda way.

And sadistically to say, at times i enjoy reading about how people react to certain things, especially when it jeopardize status and quality of life. Well, what else can i say, i’ve adapted rather well to society which made me wonder, after reading Xizor post on his pastor’s father, if i’m actually becoming like the rest and distancing myself from God.

I feel that at some point, i’m starting to change in a bad way…

And perhaps it’s time to ponder a little more on life…
Which like Arch said, it’s not exactly a bad thing.

Would probably help keep me sane or at least not as heartless as i’ve grown to become.


Time for some self-reflection.
I’ll probably be away for a couple of days, to study / reflect on life / spend time with Dear / slacking off watching SATC series.

For those who are looking for me, you know where to find me.
Phone / sms / email / msn.

*Back to feeling dizzy and illogical*