I’m screwed.

Yeah, you got the title right.
But of course, don’t go thinking all funny and wierd stuff.

I meant my exam / studies.

As most of you guys would know (if you read the previous posts), i’m supposed to be studying and preparing for my exams.

Even with 5 days of stay-home preparation, nothing helps.
It’s not the “i can’t study at all” but it’s more of the “i can study but can’t write out the answer because i’m overly dependent on the freaking computer”.

That’s why i said, i’m screwed.

For a person who’s over dependent on the computer, who hardly bother to write more than 10mins worth of words, i can’t even write past 30mins of essays.

My mind + exam paper + pen and paper = blank.

In a gamer’s term – Pwn3d!

Oh well, heck-ed.
At least dear knows what i’m going thru…

Really hate myself.

I know, i blame myself for not trying and of course, for slacking.
And of course i could give a thousand and one reasons for why i can’t concentrate, but i’ll just leave it as it is.

That’s that.
So… don’t ask me why i’m not going for the exams tomorrow.

Shall i go with…
December’08 papers then.

Added notes:
Thanks guys, i know i should try or at least be at the venue…
But i guess if i know for sure i’m not ready, i wouldn’t wanna drag my sorry ass to the venue even… or even step outta the house.

By the way…
– Emo mode –