Uneasy and unsure.

Been feeling rather uneasy and unsure…

Over what in specific?
I’ve no idea.

It’s a feeling that something is waiting to happen and no matter how i try to shake the feeling, it just doesn’t go away. Not exactly a good thing, that’s for sure.

Probably work.
Probably friends.
Probably family.
Probably love.

I don’t know…
The one thing i know, is that it’s making me rather moody, cranky and sleepless… All 3 add up to a fiery and explosive temper, which a few have experienced it within the last few days.

Sorry dearies.
Guess i just need time to clear my thoughts.

If i don’t reply to calls, sms or any messaging, just give me sometime and i’ll get back to you later.

10 thoughts on “Uneasy and unsure.

  1. Huh? “feeling that something is waiting to happen “..

    ask him to marry you, lol.

  2. *knock lbandit with ntuc fairprice insecticide*
    u inhaled too much insecticide izzit? 😛

    nah, just a feeling something bad is gonna happen… or maybe what u just said is the “something bad”… lol

  3. *ouch*
    slept with the smell of insecticide for the whole night. i think it does smell kind of nice..

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