Finally, thank God it’s Friday…
I’ve been counting down, so i could meet my lovable and yet irritating duckie… *evil grin*

What can i say…
A busy bf / duckie.

Being my usual lazy self, i’ll just give you the compiled / summarize happenings of the week.

Happened over the week:
Shaolin Girl movie with Xizor kor… (many thanks to Merv for tickets)
– Irritating revenue allocation problems… (yet to resolve)
– Irritating rotten mouth salesperson… (super rotten mouth + love to piss off her support staff)
– Pay increment & v.bonus letter… (yeah! money!)
– New mini dress… (a gift from mom)
– Cousin got a job with event mgmt company… (happy for him)
– Downloaded FireFox 3… (slight changes)

Nothing extremely dramatic happened…
Excluding the urge to strangle that rotten mouth salesperson, she always have a tendency to provoke anyone, even the clients but enjoys sucking up to the bosses.

*Roll eyes*

We shall see if she’d get the boot or leave on her own in another year’s time.
Since they usually don’t stay more than 3years ๐Ÿ™‚

Looks forward to…
– meeting Jes mei and friends for lunch
– meeting duckie for movie
– meet the gang tomorrow…
– sleep…
– kelong trip ๐Ÿ™‚

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