‘Tale of A Letter from Abroad’…

“Hey, you got a letter… from USA and it seems like a plane ticket!”

“Huh?! You sure?!”

Upon closer look, Mom said:
“Oh wait, it’s just a chop of a plane…”

” … ”

(temporary lost for words)

When it finally reached my hands (DOH!), i grinned.
Well, it’s no plane ticket, nor is it a love letter.

It’s just a letter from Google’s Adsense team, containing my Adsense PIN.

My silly and sometimes crazy mom =)

Sorry for the lack of posts…
Been busy procrastinating, spending time with my ‘duckie’ and seriously working.

It has been work hell today… *sigh*

5 thoughts on “‘Tale of A Letter from Abroad’…

  1. @ vin:

    hi there, nope.
    i guess they are using the pin thing for verification purposes.

    @ ulquiorra:

    hi there, from the email notification to receiving the letter, it took about 3 weeks?

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