My latest toy…

after much thoughts plus reading up and comparing, i finally got a new digital camera for my trip…

It’s the Fuji F50fd…

My first Fuji camera…
Slim, light and functional šŸ™‚

I got it off Bargain City for S$400, with delivery.
free 4gb sdhc + 2gb sd cards (not including another 2gb to be collected).

Let’s hope i could get some good fireworks shots with this cam, during next week’s trip… heh, we are sooo gonna buy and set off loads of fireworks šŸ˜›

3 thoughts on “My latest toy…

  1. Fuji cammies are good buys. I used to own one too, and was amazed at the clarity of it compared to Olympus cammies with the same MP.

    Remember to shoot lotsa pix!

  2. @ darran:

    yea it does seem bulky from the pic but suprisingly light and easy to use šŸ™‚

    @ joiz:

    yea, hehee.
    will do so babe šŸ™‚

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