Random updates

Ok, before anyone wonders if i’ve gone into hiding or dead or something… Just to let you guys know, i’m fine and busy with work, my darling duckie (dear / bf) and stoning away.

Well, i’m having a blogging block.
Can’t really get myself to write out anything at the moment, simply due to the fact that i always have been an emotional and depressive blogger… and now i’m happier than i could ever remember.

And the strange thing, duckie and i fought a lot over the weeks. As tiring and mentally draining it may sound, it made us learnt alot on trust, understand and patient.

I can’t wait to spend the coming weekend with him at kelong, with friends and family. Wonder how he’d act in front of my mom, for 3 days… *Evil grin*

And it’d be our 2nd month anni… 🙂

Work has been great, tiring but great.
Looking forward to finishing the new project, even though the system is still going haywire.

Nothing much changed, still getting hit by flu & headache… missing my darling sis, Rin, who is still in Aus.

I guess that’s about it for now.

*off to bed*

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