Good Service from an Online Shop

Before my Fuji F50fd purchase…

I spent nearly a week reading up on the specifications, comparison and not forgetting, the pricing from various recommended digital photography shops and getting e-quotes (thanks to Dear).

Eg. Club Snap, HWZ… etc.

Almost all recommended shops and event (recent PC Show)…
Were offering the same deal, $369 with 2gb memory card, additional 2gb to be collected from Fuji, tripod, case… yada yada yada.

Fuji, was selling it at $399 with same bunch of freebies… -_-”

The only place or should i say, online shop, which offered the best deal… would be Bargain City, at $395 with 4gb SDHC + 2gb memory card, additional 2gb to be collected from Fuji and yada yada yada… additional $5 for local delivery charges.

Pretty good customer service, based on my purchase experience.

1) I emailed them to inquire on the brand of SDHC card they’d be giving and received an reply within 12hours.
2) Sent over my purchase order and gave a pretty impractical collection date ( less than 1day notification and next day collection). They called and advised a delivery instead, as their collection center is no longer available (in another words, closed. ceased operation.)
3) Delivery arrived 5mins later than specific timing, 5 – 6pm, due to traffic in CBD area but informed buyer.
4) Detailed run-thru on goods and freebies, not pushy or rushing buyer for payment
5) After sale queries reverted within 12hours and reminded buyer on freebie collection.

Seriously, i like their service, from pre-sale to after-sale service.

Even though i had my doubts (based on forum comments) but i’m glad i went ahead and had such a good purchase experience, definitely worth it to check back with them, on new digital camera products.

And i got myself a Crumpler camera pouch ๐Ÿ™‚

Sufficient for me to stuff my camera, batt, extra batt, additional 2 memory cards and maybe the batt charger.


Time to save, i’ve been spending quite a bit… =x
Yet to include my Nike loots – sports top and snug fit pants.

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