Wanted and Dinner at Aston

Being one who loves gun fights and all action movies, was thrilled when dear decided we should watch this… but he didn’t realize i was bored enough to read the entire plot on wikipedia 🙂

In short, a guy whose life is shitty was recruited and trained to be an assassin, due to his ability to react faster than normal upon getting his ‘panic attacks’.

A movie worthy of a weekend ticket…
For interesting car flipping stunts, curving bullets (which is something i would like to know if it’s actually possible), hot babe (Angelina Jolie) and decent storyline.

I’d rate it 4/5.


After movie, since we had some time before heading home…
We decided to drop by S.goon Gardens for late dinner, at Aston.

Sorry, no pics…
Didn’t bring out the cams 🙂

But for what it’s worth, $23.80 for a prime rib eye and seafood marinara, i would definitely head back there with dear and friends…

The only bad thing is:
– having to listen to whiny shop owner, fussing and discussing loudly on local news.


pics from our trip will be up within the week 🙂