Entrepreneurship and a Contest

Have you ever asked your friends or yourself the following?

– If there’s an opportunity and funding, would you be your own boss?
– And if yes, what would be your product and how would you market it?

It was one of many questions my marketing lecturer had raised and I never got about to answer him, cause… I skipped the following lesson… *sheepish grin*

If an entrepreneur is:

noun [C]
“someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves risks”

If so, i guess my dad is one.

He took the risk and started 12 years ago, to be his own boss…
From a small home office and 18hours x 7 days work… to making mistakes and bank loans to get to where he is now, having own this small local tour business. With no help nor ideas on how to make things work… it might seem stupid but he made it this far.

Back then, there isn’t anyone or organization that supported and provided sufficient information, to start a business.

But now there is…

Truthfully, part of me wonders why they didn’t start this organization earlier… It would have saved my dad and many others, years of mistakes, knocking on bank doors and funding issue. Oh well, better now than never… 🙂

And it is…

ACE, short for Action Community for Entrepreneurship support and provide, e.g.:
– Details on necessary business licenses,
– Details on government financing schemes,
– Help in general and etc.

For those who would like to walk a different path, offering innovative products and services and be their own boss.

Been browsing through their site and right now, they are currently having a contest.

(i can’t help choosing this pic, rubber duckies are cute! especially one on wheels!)

They are looking for new and definitely good ideas for any of the following:
a) increase Singapore’s attractiveness as a place for business
b) nurture entrepreneurs of tomorrow
c) encourage more innovative and competitive businesses and

Just log on to www.ace.sg to submit your ideas.
Closing date is 17th July (NEXT THURS!).
Results will be announced on the last week of July.

And since it’s a contest, there’ll DEFINITELY be prizes!

S$1000 for first prize, all you need to do is send in your ideas (I presume it has to be good to win) and you might get a chance to win.

Tempting but i’m having mind block, can’t think of anything else than work… 😛

Maybe you guys would have better ideas and luck!


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