Thoughts: R/s issues, handle with sensitivity?

I was just discussing with Shen, my darling sis on some hilarious r/s issues.
It’s like your personal support group, been doing it ever since we got to know each other, through a girly forum 🙂


Here are a few crazy situations we’ve been in:

A crazy girl (let’s name her K), messaging her on Friendster, saying loads of nonsensical stuff on Shen’s r/s with her ex, claimed she was dating him and kinda request Shen to stay away.

How i feel:
– K was probably misled, thinking she’s in a r/s with him
– Snapped upon knowing she wasn’t and he was still in love & still contacting Shen.
– He didn’t bothered to clear things up

My thoughts:
– the ex could have done a better job clearing his emotions first, before dating someone else but if he wants crazy girls to bug him all the time, it’s his life 🙂

And mine, from years ago…

I didn’t realize i was dating someone who had just broke off with someone, jumped into and didn’t even realize he had patched things up with her, dated others while he’s not around, we went on like that for nearly a year and eventually break things off, only after the girl told me about it.

Things really ended quite ugly for all.

My faults:
– I was silly not to realize and was pretty much a player back then.

But now that i reviewed through what happened, as much as all parties were at fault (for not being honest with each other and cheating part on all sides)…
– It could have been handled with much more care and sensitivity by the guy, like shen’s ex, should have clear everything up before starting a new r/s.


Perhaps it’s a twisted opinion of mine…
But i believe it’s never an issue, if guys would have do their part in the r/s, giving sufficient assurance, stop misleading people and settle their past r/s bonds.

‘Cos other girls wouldn’t be falsely blame if guys do what they need to do.