Characteristics of a Cat

Over the years, there have been people around me commenting why i can happy and snappy almost at the same time.

Having to snap at a couple of friends within the week, i find it’s high time i do a post like this.

After having spent so much time and saliva explaining…
I found the best and most simplified description to my behavior.

I act, think and behave like a cat.
Yes, a feline.

Now, perhaps you might be having the “huh? wtf?” thought…
But i assure you, after observing my dear furry feline friends and my mom commenting i seem like one, it does seem to be the most accurate description i can find.

Like a cat…
I could be give all the attention one needed, be protective and yet be nonchalant and distant within minutes.

And of course…
I will snap, bite and/or cuss if provoked, even if that person is close to me, as a friend, lover or anything.


If you were to give me my space, not overly expect anything or freaking assume on every other thing, nothing… and i assure you NOTHING will happen to you.

All i need is some space and time to finish things up.
It’s not as though i wouldn’t reply, ‘cos i will upon completing what i need to.

But if you attempt to or provoke me, i assure you i will… enjoy every bit of snapping at you and torture you, mentally.

And, that’s not being mean.
Since i’m warning everyone, especially specific some.

So please, don’t question why i snap and do unmentionable stuff to you, if you were the one who started it.


Leave me alone for a while and i’ll give you a smiley face.
Provoke me and risk getting hurt.

Take your pick.

I’m not exactly a nice, lovey dovey, sweet and blardy naive person as what most people would have assumed. It’s just that i’m too lazy to correct and show my temper, doesn’t mean i’ll be 100% OKAY or nice all the time.

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