Movies (Dark Knight & Red Cliff) and time spent

The above two movies need no introduction or summarized stories, as all the introduction and summaries can be found on Wikipedia. Just click on the following links if you are lazy to search with Google.

Red Cliff
Dark Knight (2008)

For someone like me, who enjoys comics…
It’s always fun to watch film makers make comics come to ‘life’ on the big screen, beats having to constantly flipping pages and waiting for new books to release.

Dark Knight
Worthy show for anyone who’s into the whole Batman series and enjoys actions, stunts and villains.
I wonder… if they’ll end it all in the next film or will there be more… hmmm…

Rate: 4/5


As for Red Cliff
If you have never read or hear stories from Romance of the Three Kingdom, it would take a little bit more effort to grasp the plot. They (the film makers) has made this show pretty lighthearted, compared to all the war type movies i’ve watched.

Pretty long movie, about 2 – 2.5hours… great acting.
Well, i can’t wait to see what they do for part 2!

Rate: 4.5/5

And thanks to my movie kaki aka dear…
Even though we don’t get much time together but things we get to do together, never fails to make me smile 🙂

Quality over Quantity.
*Hugs dear*

3 thoughts on “Movies (Dark Knight & Red Cliff) and time spent

  1. i disagree with greeky 😆

    i give tdk a 5 out of 5. totally the best movie of 2008. I’m sure next year movie award going to be tdk. Thanks to Heath Andrew Ledger (Joker) for such good acting. Sadly he just pass away recently (22th Jan 2008).

    Whereas for the chinese movie, it quite bored me -_- well i admire the directing of the movie, thanks to john woo. But still, not really my cup of tea ekekke

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