Loving It, IPhone 3G.

As you guys know, it’s not out yet in Singapore…
But thanks to Blog2U for inviting us members to IShop by Club21, for a sneak peek…

I was finally able to MOLEST IPhone 3G 8G 🙂
Well, pardon me for going crazy over it, i didn’t get to try the first gen.

My thoughts:
– extremely responsive and quick processing time but doesn’t work for peeps with long fingernails 😛
– picture quality seems decent, probably comparable to K750i but need to upload on PC / laptop to determine if pixel.
– website browsing with WIFI, fast with complete data but not flash or applets friendly, as tested on UOB / DBS ibank website… meaning, you can’t do internet banking.

That’s about all i have, since i only had about 5mins with it.
But i look forward to testing the local set, once it’s released in late August 2008.

Considering getting a set, but only if they release selling rights to Starhub 🙂


And i was glad to meet some new faces, online friends i’ve been chatting for a while, in real life… E.g. Endoh, Malique, WishBoNe and ECL

(note: didn’t really get to say hi to WishBoNe & ECL, cos XinYun is shy and not sociable :X)

By the way…
Before we left, we handed over the IPhone to Paddy & DK
And they got a shock…

Thanks to…

our dear Malique on IPhone 😀

7 thoughts on “Loving It, IPhone 3G.

  1. @ PAddy:

    hey! glad to finally meet you and your wife 🙂
    thanks again for the invite and hope to see you all again soon!

  2. Whoa, I was four days late.. lol.

    The iPhone can’t load applets? Hmmm.. what does the booking server GV used? I had no problems making ticket bookings over Wi-Fi with my iPod Touch…. maybe it’s not Java or Flash.. XD

  3. @ vin:

    yea, it is pretty expensive.
    our friends got in from hong kong and those are without telco, near 2k sgd.

    @ scottie:

    hey jie 🙂
    well we tried, prompted with unable to load applets… perhaps it’s just the additional security functions for internet banking that’s preventing us from loading page.

    oh well 🙂

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