Try imagine having friends or couples who have been together for ages and waiting for them to send out the wedding invitations (or red letters)…

And all of a sudden, they break up…
Be it a mutual agreement, nasty argument or 3rd party…

You’d feel surprised, right?

That’s how i feel… plus feeling rather lost and sad.
Perhaps because they seemed like those who’d last till the end and being the hopeful or hopeless romantic, it would be nice to see them walking down the aisle together.

But that’s just me…
Still trying to believe there’s such thing as ‘happily ever after’ or at least a ‘love that will last till the end’… But now, i guess it’s time to just admit ‘happily ever after’ and ‘love that will last till the end’ is probably ‘near extinction’.

Time to stop being moody over stuff that can’t be helped and being all random.

Back to feeling lost and stressed out, over work.
Busy Busy Busy…

[Rant] for something that’s worth 1000x my annual, this system SUX big time. [End]

7 thoughts on “Lost.

  1. Think of this in another way…better to end the relationship now due to differences rather than using marriage to mask the problems and add to the divorce figures later.

  2. @ joiz:

    i guess that’s the only good thing from this situation.

    @ wishbone:

    sure! how about hammer the consultants as a bonus? šŸ˜›
    *hands wishbone sledgehammer*

  3. @ Iris:

    hahaha, something like that.
    i would say it’s more on “i don’t believe marriage or r/s is ever lasting and why should i even commit myself in marriage or r/s” kind of thoughts.

    as for finding someone to get married to, is easy but marrying the one whom you really wanna spend your life with, that’s gonna be the problem šŸ™‚

  4. I have countless friends who have been with people forever and just like how you and most people think… they will be married soon.

    Many break up just when outsiders least expect it.

    I think being together for too long without moving on to the next step (marriage) can sometimes cause trouble. The love dies and there is no responsibility to fuel & bind the relationship anymore.

    People do survive long relationships though. Don’t be too skeptical because once there is any, you won’t be putting your best into your relationship

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