Thoughts on MyGameMug

An old gaming friend, famously known as Swordplay, sent me something on msn…
All he typed –

I thought it was some online retail shop, selling specialized game mugs or other merchandise. So i clicked and was asked to do a short gaming personality test (which made me go ‘eh?!’).

Anyway, about 40 questions later…
They gave me the result…

“The Game Master
Deliberate Sociable Serious Veteran (DSSV)”

*roll eyes*
For someone who hasn’t really been playing much games, other than Facebook, it’s wierd to even get a result like this. I’m so not a GM material, heh.

Basically it’s a gaming network site that’ll link you to players who share the same interests, you’d click with and game well with.

Give it a shot, could be interesting.
I’m on it… just that i need to find a game i’ll be interested enough to sacrifice my sleep for.

Maybe for Diablo 3…
Side note:
Yes, so i was extremely wrong about the ‘specialized gaming mug’ thingy.

And thanks to Swordy, for the post material 😛

Pic source: MyGameMug

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