3 movie reviews…

Sigh, i know i’m way over-due on my posts, esp. all the travel pics and tons of other personal stuff.

Sorry guys…
Just been feeling uber exhausted and didn’t feel like posting much.

Anyway, here are some over-due movie reviews:

1) Mummy 3

Mummy 3
Mummy 3

Since we were caught the first 2, my bf and i decided to catch this on our day out (note: Aug 9).

Plot: As always, mummies trying to take over the world, hero save the day, yada yada yada…

Thoughts: Would prefer Rachel Weiz as the lead actress and well, Jet Li… mmm… as stone-ish as ever?

Rate: 3/5
Watch for the action and not the plot.

2) Clone Wars (Animated)

Clone Wars
Clone Wars

Having caught the trailers online, i didn’t think it will live up to its original series and personally, i do love the original series. *coughnotfangirlcough*

I wasn’t looking forward to catching this in the cinemas, but well since there are free preview tickets (thanks to sales person), i invited Xizor kor and Shen to catch this.

Plot: need i say more?

Thoughts: love how they focus on the characters’ facial expressions and inserted some funny parts in the show, eg. the baby hun and clone troops.

Rate: 4/5
Pretty enjoyable show, would be nice if they could do the whole series in animated form.

3) Wall.E


Wasn’t top of my ‘to watch’ list but thankfully dear wanted to watch it and so we did, not forgetting to get the cute cinema merchandise (eg. the figurine cup).

Plot: it’s pretty much a robot love story, the things one would do for someone they care and shows everyone the possibilities of us over relying on technology and becoming big ball of lards. Which in some sense, started to happen some time ago…

Thoughts: Decent and touching… (excluding the dumbass who was kicking our chair and risked getting drench in ice lemon tea).

Rate: 3.5/5
Good as a date movie.


All details, plots, story line, casts or others can be found on Wikipedia
That’s why i’m only writing more on thoughts and not on the details, it’s better to just check it out from Wiki.

2 thoughts on “3 movie reviews…

  1. i disagree with your walle and clone wars rating. it should be another way around. Walle is a great 3D movie by Disney or Pixar. Walle really great in story + animation wise. Whereas clone wars, it abit lack down. I prefer real action more and the animation wise is really … can say like cartoon network type -_-“

  2. @ vin>

    remember this – to each of its own.

    it’s nice of you to comment on how you feel towards both shoes but you can’t change how i feel and neither do i want to debate them.

    so why not just leave it as that, instead of disagreeing?

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