Meeting the extended family…

Well, it has been quite an interesting day, i just got back from dear’s place.
Couple of weeks back, his mom and him invited me along to a buffet at his aunt’s place and that’s where i was earlier 🙂

I guess having some experience in meeting the extended families, does help a little, at least i wasn’t as panicky as dear thought i would be (refer to the post when i met his mom).

At first i did felt a little awkward, not sure how to greet everyone, since i tend to be bad at remembering names and dear isn’t quite helpful in breaking the ice (heh!). But everything turn out quite alright, some how. Really cute bunch, chatting and extremely soccer loving… anyone could see how much fun the guys enjoy hanging out and going nuts over soccer, while the ladies were chatting about family, childcare and other stuff.

Now i’m wondering what’s their impression of me, am rather curious 😛

Thanks dear, for bringing your ‘cat’ out and meeting your cute family.

Anyway, good night to all 🙂

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