There’s always a first time for everything

Before anyone think i’m on hiatus or vanish in any sense…
Just to say, i’m just too lazy to blog these days.

Oops! :X

Anyway, before i side track any further…
As the title explained…

There’s always a first time for everything…

Having been through several relationships, i’ve never really had face to face chat experience with any of my ‘then’ bf’s ex or my ex bf’s current girl… (hope i didn’t confuse anyone, heh!) and the first time ever was on tuesday.

With much thanks and bare minimum warning from uncle DK (cuss under breath), who happened to be our mutual friend, he invited her to join us for dinner at Carl’s Junior and promptly neglected her… *stares at DK*… tsk.

Like any first time (note: clean thoughts only), it was kinda awkward as we weren’t sure what to say to each other but as the night went on, we had a topic… and what else could it be – duckie. It was an interesting experience, chatting with someone whom understands, dated and is friends with duckie and could provide a female opinion to my constant wandering questions.

Thanks gal šŸ™‚
And much thanks to uncle DK, Xizor Kor and Alice šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “There’s always a first time for everything

  1. @ Kenny:

    Haha, well we girls shouldn’t be all feisty in front of guys and in public right?

    But anyway, there isn’t any reason to not be civil šŸ™‚

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