Brotzeit Dinner Gathering…

Last Tues, Uncle DK left a message on plurk for a dinner gathering at Brotzeit for an Okotoberfest outing.

Having never been to the yearly drinking festival and miss going out with them, I joined them and FoxTwo became my part-time date for the night 🙂

Other than FoxTwo, the rest of us (7ppl) tried the Oktoberfest beer (nice beer, better than Brewerks, imo) and tried the following main course:

extremely huge and good pork knuckles (or ter ka), crunchy and tender… *drools* … DK, Nicole and me had this.

sausages on mash potatoes and radish (i think)… Xizor kor and Terence had this.

boiled sausages and pretzels… my part-time darling FoxTwo had this, didn’t exactly look filling but he said it’s good 🙂

Didn’t manage to get a shot of what Alice and Jean were eating, as it wasn’t nice to stretch myself across to get a shot but will check with DK if he has a picture of it 🙂

It was a great outing, meeting and chatting with all of them…
Esp. listening to the guys talk about army life and the silly things that happened during their time.

Thanks Uncle DK for organizing and thanks to FoxTwo, for the pictures 🙂