Our Day Out…

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Ytd was our month-iversary and his off day, so we headed out and caught Mama Mia! the movie at GV…

As expected, it’s a musical movie, similar to Moulin Rouge and High School musical but songs used are those our parents or some of us have heard, probably 10 – 20yrs back. It pretty much make one feel the story is built around the ABBA songs… bascially, we are there just for the songs.

But cast and their acting does make up for the weak story… 🙂
Hail Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, my fav.

I would rate it 3.5/5…


After the movie, we met up with dear’s mom, had dinner at Aston (amk branch) and we ladies accompanied him to shop for his stuff…

Dear = very ma fan 😛

But eventually he got what he’s been looking for and he sent me home 🙂


To dear:

Our time spent together, might seem insufficient.
But i’m glad you are here, with me.
ilu 🙂