Innocent till proven Guilty or Guilty till proven Innocent?

Are we innocent till proven guilty?
Are we guilty till proven innocent?

It’s just a twist in sentence, but it holds a different meaning.

I used to think everyone is innocent till proven guilty, till they do something to harm or hurt… or do something against moral values towards their fellow men or women.

But apparently, that’s quite a naive thought…

Or so said those close to me, who could easily see or know if that individual is truly bad… but i’ll always be the only one who is blinded and only realized when i get hurt.

Yeap, i was that naive.

And i tweaked my mindset over the years, especially having worked through service line to being an office dweller, having been through so much lies and betrayal, it kinda made me feel jaded with anyone i interact with. Kinda unable to see the good in people, instead i’m constantly smack in the face with their wrongs…

For example…
Aunties i worked with, said all the bad things about you to the manager, just because you didn’t help them clean up their own workstations, which they were supposed to. But when they are in front of you, they treated you like they would to a friend or kids.

It’s damn tiring…
Ended up just not even wanting to expect or know how that individual is like, till they cause harm or hurt to me… and then the whole process of judging and doubting began.

Here’s my question to all:

Could you see the good in people?
To see that they are innocent, till they cause harm?

Or do you see them as a guilty bunch, till they prove their worth and friendship?

there’s a double meaning to this post.
see if you realize it.

if not, just take it as a rant… thanks.

One thought on “Innocent till proven Guilty or Guilty till proven Innocent?

  1. even though i might be a misanthropist, and generally distrust humans,

    I still give people i noe the benefit of the doubt, cause i don’t like to jump to conclusions. It ain’t exactly fair to judge a person solely on the first meeting. It’s just because I’m a misanthropist, if the person were to do something stupid, I won’t really feel disappointed or whatever.

    Human behaviors and thinking are hard to grasp, so I can safely say that it’s not really naive to think that everyone is innocent till proven guilty, you are just wise enough not to judge a book by it’s cover.

    Just make sure you know how to defend yourself well when the time comes;approach people with caution and don’t expect too much.

    The higher you fly, the harder you fall. 😉

    but then, where’s the fun in being able to fly but instead you choose to stay on the ground??

    Bottomline is, this question cannot be simply answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. depends on situation and the people you meet in your life.

    just remember, it’s better to live your life with a positive outlook than a dark one. JUST know how to defend yourself well. 😀

    I rant too much. haha

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