Nothing is perfect… so?

“Just as humans aren’t perfect, neither are relationships.”

– quoted from a paragraph in

The sentence says it all.
Nothing is perfect but we are always asked to be perfect for our significant others, to meet each and every criteria, not making any mistakes or to appear as close as they wish.

But have we all not realized, after all these years, there isn’t anyone who could fit perfectly like to a T and it takes love, patience, acceptance, openness and trust to last a lifetime.

I’ve seen estranged, flawed and near disastrous relationships and marriages but yet, those couples stay together, to work things through, instead of taking the easy way out.

A very good example, my parents.
Truly one of the most disastrous pair but yet, they stayed together for nearly 30years.

I asked Mom why she stayed on, even at times when things are really down in the dumps.

She said:

As bad as it may seem, it’s just something in me and your Dad, wanting to give it a 2nd chance and making things work. If it doesn’t, it’s never too late to give up for good. But when you have a family, there are more things to consider and having a kid does give you more reason to hang in there…

What she said, got me crying and thinking for quite a bit.

As i look at the situation i’m in and the stage i am at now…

Things are down in the dumps and on hold, until further notice.
I don’t even know if i should stay, wait and hope everything will work out or take off and seek better prospects…

Never have i ever love someone that much and freak out on losing someone…
Nor lose sleep or appetite and lose several kg…

I feel extremely helpless and lost, for the first time in 25 years.

Definitely not a perfect lover, i’m still constantly trying to learn and change to fit life… But i do try to love with all my heart and hope someone would do likewise.

For this…
I leave it in God’s hands.

I’ve did my part, changing myself and finding out what i need and want from a relationship…

Whatever happens, happens.