Nothing more…

Be it you feel negative towards me because you feel that i don’t trust and bug you, it’s fine by me.

Love, was once there.
Happiness too.

There are things that contribute to such a scenario and you jolly well know them by heart. I warned but you refused to listen and at times made empty promises.

But i’m glad there’s someone there for you.
Waiting to be with you.

In a way, i know you’ll make her happy and i wish you both all the best…
Once love and therefore never to hate, for it’s pointless to hate someone you have sweet memories with and taint them.

I did trust you.
But you choose to think otherwise.
Try to learn to show others you can be trusted, keep the promises you make and mean every single word and never to lie.

You’ll be surprise how simple things turn out to be.

She’s waiting, don’t let her wait too long…
Cherish her.

Nothing more i would do…
But to wish you all the happiness you want.

With you, we spent hours hand in hand.
As i once love and hold fond memories.

I hold no hatred, for there’s no need to.
From strangers to lovers and lovers to strangers.
We both chosen this path.