There seem to be a need for a conclusion for what i’ve wrote previously.

Basically it’s for him and his other friends, not anyone else.

As for the spam mail thing, like i’ve said, it was done long ago and i never got about to remove it. Never did i intend to hide it or cover up. Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s up to you and him.

And yes, i’ve reflected on what i’ve done but till now i’ve not lied to anyone else, esp. you girl. ‘Cos there’s no need to lie and get back something that isn’t mine.

True, i’m possessive and i’m working on that flaw of mine. Why i did it or what made me do it, doesn’t matter anymore. Whether he choose to trust me ever again, doesn’t matter too, since he has made things very clear.

To him, i would never be able to accept his closeness with his gal friends. Or accept his lifestyle. So you see for yourself, does it matter?

You can choose to verify whether i truly wish you two well, by asking him.

What i do, i’m answerable for it and i admit that i’ve done wrongs too.
Never did i try to run away from it, if i did, would i even bother being nice and talking to you?

I’m not that fake nor the patience to do so.

Be it you guys choose to believe or trust, that’s up to you.